San Diego Bartending School

The only school in San Diego to guarantee jobs for our graduates!


Bartender Certification

In addition to working events every week, our local bartending school graduates in San Diego have a 90% success rate for getting permanent bartending jobs from our network of bars, clubs, events, restaurants and more.

Become a Bartender in San Diego

National Bartending School started in 1984 with our first campus established in Los Angeles, California. Ever since, we’ve grown tremendously and now feature affordable and high quality bartending schools across the country.


There are only a handful of schools in San Diego, but San Diego Bartending School definitely had the most comprehensive website and highest ratings on Yelp, so I opted to sign up through them.


With amazing instructors and sufficient hands-on practice, this place is the ideal school to get the most practical experience available. The people here hold you to a high standard to know and understand mixology at a level where other schools do not.


I highly recommend to anyone who’s interested on going to bartending school; definitely go here! They are straight forward with you when it comes down to the business and what to have to do to pass the class and receive the certificate.



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San Diego Bartending School

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