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Here's What You'll Learn At Our School!

Our curriculum was designed to help you achieve your goals. Anyone can be a bartender!

Below is a short summary of some of the things that you'll learn at San Diego Bartending School!

Your Way Around The Bar
Learn your way around the bar! There are several components that make a successful bar. Our students learn how modern bars are set up and are able to adapt to virtually any bartending environment.
Standard Restaurant & Bar Procedures
No experience necessary! Our trainers have decades of experience working in the hospitality industry. Students at San Diego Bartending School learn the current standards and procedures used at most restaurants and bars. After completing our course, you'll be able to jump right into a bartending position with total confidence.
Tools of the Trade
With our course you will get the benefit of many hours of practice in a live mixing station. We'll teach you the basic techniques on how to use all of the standard tools used in bartending. Including: Shakers, Soda Guns, Glass Knowledge, Mixers, Fillers, Jiggers, Garnish Tools, ...and much much more...
Free Pouring and Mixing
"Portion Control" is a big concern of many bar owners and managers.
At our bartending school, you'll learn how to hold a bottle properly and gain the confidence of always knowing exactly how much you're pouring.
Bar Terminology
Whether your customer orders a "tall", "double", "straight-up", or "on the rocks", you'll have a solid understanding of what they're talking about. Quite often your customers will order their drink "neat" or "in a bucket". Our bartending school graduates understand and speak the language.
Hands on Training of Popular Drinks
With knowledge comes success! During our 2 week bartending course, you'll gain knowledge and experience pouring 100 to 200 drinks a day. Our trainers are current with the most popular drinks of today as well as all of the old classics.
At our school, you'll learn and practice which garnishes go with which drinks. You'll also learn how to cut garnishes and some simple tricks to help you take your drink presentations to the next level.
Beer and Wine
San Diego has become the new "Beer Capitol" of America. It has become more important than ever for bartenders to have a working knowledge of beers and wines. Our trainers will teach you the basics of how beer is made. We'll examine the essential ingredients from hops, barley and yeast...to the sometimes subtle differences between "Ales" and "Lagers". Learning about beer and wine will greatly increase your confidence and earning potential in a rapidly growing market.
How To Increase Your Tips
Our experience has shown us that bartending is an occupation where customer service is about 80% of your job. In our bartending and mixology course, we teach effective and proven methods that you can use immediately to maximize your tips on the job.
Customer Service
Customer Service is more important today than at any other time in history. With social media and online reviews gaining in popularity, businesses are taking notice. Statistics show that people that have a great experience at a bar or restaurant are less likely to share that experience than if they have a bad one. During our 2 week bartending course, we place a great emphasis on the importance of excellent customer service.
Serving Responsibly
Belive it or not, your #1 job as a bartender is to protect your bosses liquor license! We'll teach you the ins and outs of the alcohol serving laws in California. In addition, bartenders have an inherent responsibility to help maintain a safe and healthy environment for their customers. San Diego Bartending School takes serving responsibly to a whole new level.
Resumé Writing
You never get a second chance at a "first impression"! As part of our curriculum, we examine the basic principles of resumé writing and help you put your best foot forward.
Getting The Job
We understand that getting a bartending job is the main goal of most of our students. Our job is to get you "to" and "through" a bartending job interview. In addition to our "Job Placement" program, we teach a thorough class on the procedures and preparation it takes to separate yourself from your competitors. We leave no stone unturned in this 3 hour class which includes: Where to go, When to go, How to dress, What to do, What NOT to do, How to "get to" the manager, Resumé writing, Effective interviewing techniques, and much more. The #1 fear of all brand new bartenders is the word: "EXPERIENCE". Experience should NOT be an obstacle. We'll help you look at an interview from the managers' perspective and give you the confidence to get the job.
Point Of Sale (POS) Systems
We understand there are many different POS systems such as Aloha, Peachtree, Adobe, etc... and different POS systems are used at different bars. We could spend valuable instruction time showing students how to operate all the major POS systems, which may not even cover a POS system used by their future employer. However, research has shown us that one of the most common policies an employer will explain to you as a new employee during orientation will be instructions on how to operate their POS system. Future employers will show you how to use their POS system and there is no way to be sure which type of POS system they will have. So instead of spending valuable instruction time focusing on what makes a good POS operator, we believe students get a better education by focusing on what makes a great bartender.

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